Liz - ISM Connect

What is ISM Connect?
ISM (Integrated Screen Management) educates and inspires consumers when and where they take action

Currently deployed at ALL 23 of NASCAR’s premiere speedways bringing millions of fans under one umbrella. Bright, bold digital signage installed throughout each event with state-of-the-art content management

We track and measure behaviors to allow venues and brands to improve decision making and ROI.

A Network of Smart Engagement Technology

Massive 86" Screens in high-traffic locations and Jumbotrons viewable from every seat
Measured promotions across mobile and social
Detailed fan analytics that translates into media value
Dozens of active sponsors
Gamified event experiences by mobilizing the crowd

Large format screens with flexible form-factors that fit any size venue or event
Dynamic content management system makes it easy to improve the visitor’s experience
Embedded cameras running facial recognition software capture valuable fan analytics

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