Information about Adfresco



Adfresco's omni-channel marketplace features the latest ad products, solutions and brand partnership opportunities from the world's leading media companies. Our members are local businesses, leading brands, media companies, agencies, publishers and rep firms.  Adfresco simplifies the direct ad buying process by empowering advertisers with a platform that allows them to easily search and discover the latest opportunities that media companies have to offer.

  • Discover new advertising inventory opportunities and custom offers.
  • Search inventory by location, media type, company or audience.
  • Simplify  process for discovery, planning and campaign implementation.
  • Find media owners and agencies for specialized solutions.
  • Find unique solutions to reach target demographic.
  • Quick execution - Direct message sellers to ask questions or negotiate price.
  • Follow other members to get updates on new listings and availability.
  • Engage and collaborate with media owners to integrate branded content.
  • Receive email updates on new ad products and opportunities.
  • Post RFP's and get competitive quotes from multiple media vendors.  Learn More

  • Easily create and post listings to create engagement with potential buyers.
  • Promote branding solutions to local, regional & national media buyers.
  • Set your own prices and publish on listings or choose "Request Pricing".
  • Maintain full control of sales process without third party interference.
  • Allow media buyers to discover your solutions via category, search or map view.
  • Create standard or customized packaged listings for special events or vertical markets.
  • Allow buyers to easily contact you directly through internal messaging system.
  • Diversify product offerings and create new revenue channels.
  • Increase your online visibility in organic search engine results.
  • Build an online business profile that includes advertising & sponsorship inventory.
  • Receive email alerts for RFP's and respond directly with offers.