Information about Adfresco

How it works


Create a member profile

Creating a member profile is free.  Once you have signed up and are logged in, click on your name at the top of the page and click on settings to create your company profile.  Upload your company logo and include a summary of your current work description or a business summary.  Every member should have their profile fully completed in order to maintain their membership.

Buyers -  Discover new solutions to reach your target audience.

Adfresco's direct media buying platform provides advertisers, brands and agencies a one-stop resource to access customized media solutions at the most competitive prices.

Buyer can easily search new listings by keyword, location or category.   Each offer on Adfresco is posted directly by media companies.  Buyers can contact our media vendors directly and ask questions, request customized quotes and negotiate pricing.  Adfresco does not mark up media prices and doe not charge a commission so buyers get the competitive rates for their ad buy.

Sellers - Post advertising and sponsorship offers on the platform.

Adfresco's platform connects advertising sales executives with brands and media buyers who are actively searching for new solutions to reach their target audience.  We help media companies build solution awareness,  generate qualified leads and sell more inventory by allowing them to create an online storefront for all of their media opportunities.   Adfresco features advertising and sponsorship solutions from approved media companies, agencies and rights holders.  Each listing posted should be for a specific offer.


Sellers - Create an online storefront for your media solutions and generate qualified leads for direct media placement.

  • Extend your online reach and market your inventory to brands and advertisers.
  • Create unique customized offers that are packaged for small businesses or brands.
  • Create new listings and share on social platforms to drive  engagement and generate leads.
  • Allow media buyers to discover your solutions via category, keyword or map view.
  • Introduce  new ad products or sponsorship offers to a wider audience of buyers.
  • Give your branding solutions more visibility and make them easier to find and to purchase.

Helpful guidelines and suggestions for media sellers.

  • Upload one or more relevant, high-quality image for each listing.
  • Distinguish listings with different titles and cover photos for each.
  • Update  listing if the dates or listed price has changed.  
  • Carefully write your listing and articulate the value of your offer. 
  • Create standard offers, discounted offers or time-sensitive event offers. 
  • Share your listings with your own social networks to drive engagement.  Adfresco listings are a great source of content and can easily be shared on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

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Follow other members who have interesting media opportunities and get email alerts when they post new listings.

Invite new members to join

As we continue to grow our media vendor network, we encourage all members to invite their colleagues to join our exclusive community.  Please take a moment to invite other media buyers or sellers to join here.