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How it works


Create a member profile 

Creating a member profile is free.  Once you have signed up and have logged in, click on your name at the top of the page.  Upload your picture and include a summary of your current work and experience.   Every member should have their profile fully completed in order to maintain their membership.

Media Sellers  -  Post your Inventory

Adfresco features advertising and sponsorship solutions from the world's leading media companies.  If you would like to feature your inventory on the platform, please contact us for consideration and let us know what type of listings you would like to post.  Include a brief company background and any other relevant information.  You will only be contacted and approved if your media solutions are suitable match for Adfresco.    
Your listings on Adfresco should be specific and as detailed as possible.  Offers posted that are for specific events or opportunities attract the most interest from advertisers and media buyers, so please keep this in mind before posting.   All new listings are published immediately and are sent out in our weekly member email.  Listings are also shared on Adfresco social media sites comprised of more than 15,000 advertiser and media buyer connections.

Media Seller Advantages

  • Post and promote your specific branding solutions directly to local businesses, brands and agencies.
  • Extend your online reach and market your inventory to new advertisers.
  • Maintain full control of  your sales process without third party interference.
  • Allow media buyers to discover your solutions via category, search or map view.
  • Diversify product offerings and monetize premium or remnant inventory.
  • Build an online business profile that provides a storefront for all of your available inventory.
  • Receive email alerts for buyer media requests and respond directly with offers.

"Posting our inventory on Adfresco was a no-brainer.  We’ve directly benefited from multiple ad buys because buyers can search and find our inventory easily. Leveraging the power of Adfresco as another sales funnel was an easy decision."  

Ike Wingate, President of Wingate Media Group

Listing Rules 

  • Only post specific advertising or sponsorship opportunities.  
  • Upload relevant and high-quality images for each listing.
  • Distinguish your listings with different titles and cover photos for each.
  • Update your listing if your dates or price have changed.  
  • Carefully write your listing and articulate the value of your solution or strategy. 
  • Include as much detail as possible and include your ad solution's analytics.

Listing Suggestions

  • Offers with the price listed attracts more interest than " Request Pricing".
  • Create standard offers, discounted offers or special event opportunities. 
  • Share your listings with your own social networks.  Linkedin is best!
  • Post listings with a call-to-action to create engagement with potential buyers. 

Does Adfresco offer exclusivity for media sellers?

Adfresco does not offer exclusivity for any one company or any one person within a company.  We allow our users to post on a first come, first serve basis.  We also allow multiple sellers within the same company or office to use the platform.

Does Adfresco charge buyers or sellers a commission on media placement?

No. Adfresco does not set prices, charge a commission or markup media prices.  Adfresco does not act in an agency capacity and does not interfere with buyer and seller negotiations.  Media sellers contract with buyers directly as they do with normal direct sales.  Adfresco's role is to be an online storefront for media sellers while providing a simple and efficient interface for buyers to discover and access new advertising opportunities.

How much does it cost?

At this time, Adfresco is completely free to use for both media buyers and sellers. Think of it as an extended free trial period.  However, in order to stay in business and to continue to provide value to our members, we will introduce a reasonably priced monthly subscription plan for media sellers on the site.  Adfresco will always be free for media buyers.

The subscription plan will not begin until we have fully built out our inventory and until the majority of our media sellers are generating interest and leads on a regular basis.  Once the platform gains enough traction and we see heavy use of the system across all media channels, we will give a 30 day notice to media sellers before initiating a monthly subscription plan.  

Media Requests

Adfresco provides a simple and efficient  solution for advertisers, brands and agencies to get the most competitive pricing from our vast network of media vendors.   Learn More

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