$1500 Westchester, NY- Branding Schedule, w/Sponsorships!

*10x Weekday :60's - 6a-8p

*6x Weekend :60's - 10a-6p

*Runs 2 Weeks per Month (Alternate weeks for branding, back to back for event/holiday promotion)

*Matched on Streaming www.1071ThePeak.com (10,000+ impressions + Banner Ad on Streaming Player)

*Holiday Greetings 25x :30's built-in

*Monthly Feature Sponsorship - "2:00 Select-A-Set" (featured in deal, open while available, 3 other Station Feature Sponsorships available...)

*Valentine's Sponsorship (details TBA)

-3 month Commitment (December - February)

-I'll save you $300 in January ($1200 instead of $1500)

Name: Pamal Broadcasting - The Peak 107.1
About Us: Best Radio Stations in The Hudson Valley & #1 Station in Westchester