Mobile Ads direct to Las Vegas Visitors

Want and need immediate exposure for your tourist driven business?

Every Las Vegas visitor does the same thing when they land at McCarran Airport - they turn on their phone!

They use it for directions, reservations, information, posting to social media, and communicating with friends the entire time they are in Las Vegas!

RainLocal provides mobile ads to Las Vegas visitors in real time!

Smart phone ads are the most effective way to reach your audience while they are in Las Vegas!

Users can:

• Click to Call You

• Click for Directions to your location

• Download an Offer for “right now”

• Other actions

We specifically target mobile phones with your ads:

We only target:

• The roads from McCarran Airport to the Strip

• The Strip (Las Vegas Blvd) and .25 miles outside

Ads are displayed on thousands of different apps and mobile websites to customers near your business.

We have over 40 million impressions available per month

FOR Consumer Electronics Show in January

Imagine sending ads directly to the attendees in the Convention Center.

RainLocal can target any location with your ads!

Interested in affiliate relationships as well!

Contact Name : David Sires
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About Us: People now spend more time on apps than watching TV, and most of their Internet time is spent in apps (Nielsen, Flurry). It comes as no surprise, then, that 78% of retailers plan to invest in retail this year. Some key benefits of mobile advertising with Rain include: Reach Local Customers. Whether your customer is shopping, on a walk or playing a game on their phone, mobile marketing with Rain gives you a direct way to connect whenever they’re nearby. Ads are displayed on thousands of different apps and mobile websites to customers near your business. Increase Revenue. Mobile advertising offers a low cost, direct way to reach your customers in a way that is far more affordable than other marketing methods. Ads that reach local customers are available for as little as a penny per view. Monitor Ad Results. Mobile marketing is measurable. Using Rain, for example, you can easily monitor your ad’s success by tracking ad views, clicks and calls within the app.
Impressions: millions available
Target Audience: Visitor to Las Vegas physically on the strip