Metroscan Traffic Network of New Orleans and SE Louisiana

Your message in every prime morning and evening Drive Time, every business day, every week, every month all year long.

Put your message in the ears of over 250,000 New Orleans and SE Louisiana radio listeners over the Metroscan Traffic Network. Your message will be highlighted within the traffic report in drive time. Not sandwiched between a cluster of other messages. And your message will always be delivered in Prime Drive Time...never in off-hours or overnights when listenership is minimal.

Your message will "AIR" and "STREAM" over our 7 FM, 3 AM New Orleans and SE Louisiana Stations and their internet streams.

That's 10 Network spots per week, about 42/month and over 500 per year. Each network spot airs and streams on all 10 affiliate stations.

Metroscan Networks Proud and Diverse Affiliates...

WTIX-FM, 94.3 "Oldies"

WYLK-FM 94.7 "Adult Contemporary/North Shore"

WWNO-FM 88.9 "NPR News, Music and Culture"

KLRZ-FM 100.3 "ESPN New Orleans"

KCIL-FM 96.7 "C96.7 Todays Best Country"

KXOR-FM 106.3 "LA106.3 ROCK Hits Radio"





Business Name: Metroscan Network, LLC (
Contact Name : Danny Miller
About Us: Metroscan has been providing traffic reports to Metro New Orleans and SE LA broadcasters for over 30 years.