NASCAR On-Site Jumbotron Sponsorship/Advertising


(28 tracks/events available - includes multiple race days at each )

Multiple :30 second video ad spots/features per race day on Sportrons Digital Scoreboard/Display w/audio

Plus Multiple :30 second text ad spots per race day on LED strips when available no/audio

(Rates vary by track/event based on the number of screens and attendance - average investment $20,000.)


Some exclusions apply, subject to availability.


Contact Name : Kevin J. Kinney
Business Name: SPORTRONS Network of digital video displays/scoreboards
About Us: The Sportrons Network of digital video displays/scoreboards (Non-Exclusive Advertiser/Sponsor Program) covers over 850 sports properties including professional sports, minor league sports, college sports, and motorsports. The program is flexible and efficient; you select the team(s), league(s), and the date(s), mix of sports to saturate target market(s), perfect for product launches and seasonal promotions. One call, one order, one invoice convenience!
Target Audience: Fans continually look to the video displays and scoreboard to check the standings, see driver statistics, watch a replay, and view exciting features like “Kiss Cam”, vignettes, upcoming events and … digital commercial spots.