NASCAR On-Site Jumbotron Sponsorship/Advertising


(28 tracks/events available - includes multiple race days at each )

Multiple :30 second video ad spots/features per race day on Sportrons Digital Scoreboard/Display w/audio

Plus Multiple :30 second text ad spots per race day on LED strips when available no/audio

(Rates vary by track/event based on the number of screens and attendance - average investment $20,000.)

Some exclusions apply, subject to availability.

Name: SPORTRONS Network of digital video displays/scoreboards
About Us: The Sportrons Network of digital video displays/scoreboards (Non-Exclusive Advertiser/Sponsor Program) covers over 850 sports properties including professional sports, minor league sports, college sports, and motorsports. The program is flexible and efficient; you select the team(s), league(s), and the date(s), mix of sports to saturate target market(s), perfect for product launches and seasonal promotions. One call, one order, one invoice convenience!