Large Wall Ad Panel - 130 Sq. Ft. - West Hollywood, CA

This shopping center's consumers have an average annual household income of $110,000 per year, are athletic club members, salon beauty clients, grocery shoppers, coffee patrons, movie-goers, restaurant frequenters, comedian show-goers to the LAUGH FACTORY, and more!

Offer details: For a minimum of 5 weeks (initial package), you will receive the opportunity to advertise on a large parking garage wall located in our prime West Hollywood, CA shopping center's parking structure, which directly faces 100,000 cars per month (1 million cars per year).
Business Name: ECMG Media, LLC
Contact Name : Erik Richardson
About Us: We are an advertising firm specializing in out-of-home media platforms for the purpose of promoting advertising, branding and/or marketing campaigns for small, medium, and national-level businesses. We provide our clients with platforms that are located in high-traffic locales, with a populous that meets highly sought-after prime demographics and is optimal for a strong potential for a high recall rate.
Target Market: 8000 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA
Type: Wall
Panel #: W-0001
Size: 130 sq ft
Frequency: Change-outs for ad images are unlimited
Weekly Impressions: 25000
Target Audience: White-collar, fitness-focused & predominantly Caucasian ethnicity