High School Athletics Websites: Display Ad (South Carolina)

STAND OUT in local communities across South Carolina with Varsity News Network (VNN).

VNN provides advertisers direct access to the key demographic of families with high school athletes and their local community.

Your hyperlinked Display Ad, located on every page of the high schools' official athletics websites, will help you reach this valuable demographic in a comprehensive, multi-media partnership between the school, businesses and the local community.

Best of Both Worlds = Local Advertising/Marketing + Community Impact

Saves Time and Energy = 1 agreement and 1 point of contact (VNN) provides your brand with a local marketing presence at 100+ schools and communities throughout South Carolina

Differentiate yourself from your competition = Exclusive in your industry, so your brand will stand apart as the "hometown" supporter in each community

Business Name: Varsity News Network
Contact Name : Thomas Smith
About Us: Varsity News Network (VNN) provides a complete sports hub via athletic websites for high schools which integrates the latest technology and comprehensive solutions for schedules, scores, streaming video, photos, and more.

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