Target Connected TV Viewers In Any Market

Marketers are seeking greater precision for their advertising. And there’s a premium for advertising that combines the impact of traditional TV combined with the precise targeting of digital media. Now with addressable cable/satellite TV and Internet-delivered video, the next-generation of TV ads are delivered only to households when the television is on and only to the targeted audience. Today, you can target audiences without using networks or programs as proxies for demographics and other characteristics.


- Fully 59% of U.S. broadband households access a video subscription using an over-the-top set-top device, according to Boston Consulting Group & Parks and Associates.

- Addressable cable/satellite TV and internet-delivered TV ads are 100% viewable and non-skippable.

- Unlike advertising sold by TV media companies, these ads are based on consumer impressions instead of projected or estimated TV ratings.

- Today, 50 million U.S. households receive addressable TV ads via cable and satellite systems, according to a Video Advertising Bureau analysis of Nielsen data and company reports. This is 42% of all TV households in the U.S.

- Nearly 60% of brand marketers are either using or plan to use addressable TV in the next year, according to an Adweek survey of U.S. media buyers and product marketers conducted in February/March 2016.

- Addressable cable/satellite TV and Internet-delivered TV ads are based on targeting audiences — not networks or programs. So your ads are targeted to a specific audience regardless of what they’re watching. Unlike TV commercials, you don’t have to guess whether you should buy ads on the local ABC affiliate, CNN or “60 Minutes.” Your ads show up when your audience is watching, whatever they’re watching.


Q: How should I choose my targeting?

A: If you’ve defined your target audience for any other advertising effort, you’ve probably got your answer. Just pass those details along to us and we’ll take it from there.

Q: Which geographies can I target?

A: These video solutions are available in any DMA in any of the 50 U.S. states. Targeting can be restricted further by cities and/or zip codes.

Q: Which channels will my advertising appear on?

A: We use a variety of over-the-top TV and video-on-demand TV platforms to support your TV ad campaigns. This means that we can use a combination of popular TV channels as well as popular set-top platforms like Roku, Sling and Hulu. Your ads will be presented to your target audience via a variety of brand-safe TV channels and programs. Monthly reports provide additional details on how your ads were delivered to users.


- Connected TV (CTV) – Any TV set used to stream video over the Internet via an onscreen media platform. Most often video is streamed via apps downloaded from a TV app store.

- OTT (“over the top”) – Streaming TV content arrives by going “over the top” of and circumventing traditional means of video delivery (historically satellite, cable, or telco MVPD service).


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