Probadita de Mexico - Rusia 2018 (Taste of Mexico - 2018)

UNA PROBADITA DE MÉXICO (A TASTE OF MEXICO) is an international hospitality project that has been featured around the world showcasing and celebrating Mexico’s rich culture in gastronomy, music, arts and the country’s historic traditions.

A TASTE OF MEXICO is now getting ready for its eighth and ninth editions in Russia, Confederations Cup 2017 and FIFA World Cup 2018, respectively. Unique to these installments, the team will build a fixed presence in the city of Moscow using a fleet of its newest device, PromoBox. This marks a special moment in THE PROJECT’s history, where the renowned richness of A TASTE OF MEXICO meets the height of our creative design and promotional ingenuity. We are extremely excited for the flexibility this combination offers and already hard at work to make this “probadita” unforgettable.

Literally steps away from the Kremlin, “Probadita de Mexico – Rusia 2018” (Taste of Mexico - Russia 2018) will draw fans and athletes from around the world who will gather at our event to enhance their stay in Russia and their overall World Cup experience.

Why limit the "Fiesta" to Russia??? We will also produce Customized Initiatives within the USA: California and Texas.

Welcome an exploration of how we can leverage our Celebration on your behalf!

Contact Name : Rene Rodriguez
Business Name: InovaMedia, USA
About Us: We focus on non-traditional, Content Distribution and Marketing Solutions.
Target Market: Worldwide / USA
Type: Sports and Culture
Frequency: Every four years (World Cup Cycle)
Reach: N/A
Impressions: N/A
Target Audience: Sports Fans / Family