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“Womenz Magazine” is a new digital / print media publication.

A magazine that provides a variety of educational, informative and inspiring content for the reader on health, business and lifestyle topics.

Featuring exclusive guest interviews, candid conversations and real stories that inspire, while leading an expressive voice to our communities and women alike from all walks of life and social statist.

“Womenz Magazine” break-through global and cultural barriers to provide insight to our readers, on a broad range of important topics relevant in today’s society.

Whether it’s chronic, cosmetic or just plain confusing “Womenz Magazine” brings you the real stories that matters.

Including business insights provided by industry professionals and leading experts in business, technology and science, that shed insight on new innovations impacting our world’s cultural, financial and economic climate in an ever changing world of business and industry.

“Womenz Straight Talk” columnist also features real talk by a network of women who voice their opinions and views on a broad range of topics that raises our social consciousness / awareness, while keeping it real!

Trendy fashions, beauty and lifestyle influencer’s feature content with vivid glam photos and tips for the elegant, fun and flashy lifestyle essentials, viewed by today’s most fashion conscious women in society are all included in our Womenz Magazine.

Including, lifestyle topics on Leisure, relaxation and travel are explored, with spotlight interviews on amazing people and places that continue to motivate and inspiring our over all lifestyle journey to success.

And, whether its food, nutrition, fitness or entertainment, We’ve Got You Covered!

Name: Womenz Straight Talk
About Us: Broadcasting Media Publication
Target Audience: Women, health, business and lifestyle.