Womenz Straight Talk TV / Commercial Ad / Sponsors

Womenz Straight Talk Television Show, is hosted by a dynamic team of professional women and experts who join together for candid round table discussions and conversations on many of today’s topics, while keeping it real on this exciting new program.

Whether it’s chronic, cosmetic, or just plain confusing, issues are tempered with wisdom, humility, humor and a lot of self-expression and opinions.

Womenz Straight Talk, focuses on a broad range of topics that include health, business and lifestyles, we aim to take our viewing audience on a journey through the lives and stories of real people in our communities and around the globe, seen through the colorful lens and spectrums of life in our communities that are played out in an interesting and exciting way to which the viewing audience love and appreciate in our talk show / reality style television programs.

LET US TELL YOUR STORY, in the most compelling way!

Our producers craft the perfect solution for programs that merges our partners brand message, advertisement and marketing campaigns to fit their specific targeted audience through integrations.

With compelling stories and branded content that engages the audience in the style of the surrounding show to serialized ads with creativity that gives greater meaning to a brand beyond its basic message, product and services.

Our exciting television broadcasting programs target the emotional connections between our viewers and partners branded message by incorporating characters that the audience can relate to, along with commercial advertisements during our 30:min episodes that offers a multi-sensory appeal to the viewing / audience experience.

Airing on multi-media broadcasting platforms.

Name: Womenz Straight Talk Tv
About Us: Television Broadcasting Media Productions
Target Audience: Women, health, business and lifestyle.