Hybrid Media Services

As you read this, thousands of radio and TV stations across the US and Canada are realizing that they are not going to sell all their commercials next week. That’s when they make the last minute, unavoidable decision to fire sale their commercials. After all, they would rather get $ome money, rather than nothing at all.

That’s where my company comes in. Think of us as the “Priceline” of radio and TV commercials. Since 2007 we have been specializing in securing this last minute, weekly, unsold media and creating a turnkey business model where we partner with our clients or in many cases we partner with advertising or media buying agencies to allow them to tap into this fire sold media and advertise for 70 to 80 percent off rate card on a weekly basis. This translates, in most cases, to a 2 to $5 CPM.

Big note: This is not, bottom of the barrel, overnight commercials that nobody wants. This is prime time, premium inventory. If you are a national advertiser, and have some flexibility, my company can create weekly, prime time, high frequency campaigns, 52 weeks a year on thousands of local and network stations, including Sirius/XM.

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