Have you ever seen a"Digital Billboard on Wheels"?

Advertising in Motion's "Digital Billboard on Wheels" here in the Raleigh-Durham DMA will get your message everywhere you want it to be. Our Digital Billboard on Wheels receives tens of thousands of impressions on a typical 3 hour trip. With 600 impressions per mile (American Trucking Association) and an 82% recall rate (Nielsen) that's equals a lot of quality exposure with a super low CPM.

Three LED signs per truck, deliver a high quality image that is impossible to miss, delete,, turn off or discard. Pricing starts at $125-250 per hour with no set up fees and no fee to change ads - EVER. No minimum on the number of ads a client can display. Trucks are GPS enabled, video and sound capable, and ready to get your message seen and heard.

Why pay for antiquated static wallpaper signs, set up fees, or an under performing roadside billboard? Digital mobile advertising is a proven success generator.

Go to YouTube for a pretty sweet look at our Digital Billboard on Wheels. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ_-RYp4HVfR729ZmUEOGRw

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