Save with the Exchange Rate! For as low as $1.79 CPM CAD

Space available for Nov 9 - Dec 6!

Your digital billboard advertising promotions/messages will be on a 10 ft X 20 ft LED display shown on the eastbound display to 20 000+ passing cars every day. We can build your digital advertisement to be dynamic and interactive based on time of day, temperature, social media and RSS live feeds.

We can connect your digital advertisement to your Facebook account to display # of likes; Instagram to display your pictures; Twitter using specific hashtags.

Any number of different advertisement promotions/messages can be included in your campaign and displayed in every loop. Graphics can be supplied by you based on specifications OR Graphics Services can be purchased for a fee depending on the graphics needs.

Ad content can be updated regularly and instantly. (Highlighting Specials, Promotions, Events, Hiring, etc.)

Contact Name: Allea Solutions
Target Audience: 45.527654, -75.323393 - in between Ottawa, ON and Montreal, QC