Ice Cream Truck Advertising Perfect for Family Brands

We built the Ice-Cream Truck Advertising platform after realizing that Ice-Cream Trucks are able to reach a highly targeted family demo that other forms of OOH advertising simply can’t reach. Our trucks operate daily routes and are familiar sights in places like playgrounds, schoolyards, and throughout suburban neighborhood streets. They target areas where families frequent, and play loud catchy jingles that inspire children to run to them with fervor. Our platform seamlessly builds the brand’s characters and messaging into the Ice-Cream Truck experience making for an effective and buzz-worthy promotion!

Ice Cream Trucks are a platform that have never been used as a marketing vehicle before, and we’re the first agency that’s gone out and built a network of 3,000+ trucks ready to promote your brand!

Here are some additional benefits of our trucks:

  • Established & trusted presence in family-centric areas
  • Available for full custom wrapping
  • Drivers can hand out promotional swag/movie info or even run contests
  • Catchy jingle playing which attracts extra attention
  • 20k-70k impressions per day (per truck)
  • 2,000-3,000 people served per month (per truck)

With our Ice-Cream Trucks, you’re not only able to utilize them as moving-billboards for your brand, but you’re also able to leverage the driver for promotional handouts and contest running which could make for some excellent social media moments and customer data collection.

Business Name: Soft Serve Media
Contact Name : Maria Alcaide
About Us: Soft Serve Media is the only out-of-home agency that represents over 3,000 ice cream trucks for extremely targeted and powerful kids' advertising. The ice cream trucks we represent have daily, established routes in family-centric areas and make ideal moving billboards for family-friendly brands.

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