Nail and Beauty Salon Advertising

Gloss Media "Salon Domination" targets a 95% female demographic that is relaxed, captive and receptive to brand messaging for 60-90 minutes. Women are immersed in your brand, as we offer multiple platforms to surround women in this intimate salon setting where their eyes won't miss your brand. We offer everything from Interior Billboards and Double-Sided Entrance Signage (viewable by both interior and exterior traffic) to Product Sampling, Product Displays, Product Demonstrations, and high-impact Salon Brandables like branded Manicure/Pedicure Mats (effective "in your face" branding as women get their nails done on top of them for 30+ minutes), branded Emery Boards (live in a woman's purse for months), or other branded items like custom-labeled polish, pedicure slippers and more. Our Salon Media Network is available in over 50,000 Nail Salons across the country - from metropolitan centers to suburban markets and beyond.