Reaching Women with Gloss TV - Nail Salon Digital Network

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The Gloss TV - Salon Digital Network is a great opportunity for advertisers to utilize digital ad content in a female-dominated venue where women are relaxed, captive and receptive to brand messaging. Salon dwell time is 60-90 minutes, and consumers have little distraction from our digital screens (relaxed, uncluttered environment; limited conversation with nail technicians, inability to turn off or change channels).

High-quality and engaging digital content (entertainment, fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, TV network programming) will grab attention and deliver the most impact for your brand, along with the potential of "360-Degree Salon Domination" components like Salon Brandables, Couponing, and Sampling!

NIELSEN STUDY HIGHLIGHTS: 65-minute average dwell time; 95% of Salon patrons noticed Gloss TV; 67% of Gloss TV viewers able to recall seeing specified ads; 35% of Gloss TV "noticers" are going shopping/running errands after they leave the Salon - 24% of which are headed to drugstores, grocer stores or supermarkets.

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