National Multi-Platform Integration+Sponsorship Opportunity

The Seth Cohen Project is an existing property that has been featured in many major newspapers and websites (NY Post, Mashable, Daily Mail, etc) as well as on TV (Inside Edition). I am now hoping to connect with some corporate sponsors to propel the project forward, as well as to begin creating short-form video content (web-series) about the adventure.

I am an Emmy nominated, multi-award winning Film/Video/Digital Producer. I have vast experience in branded-entertainment as well as traditional advertising, including a Super Bowl Commercial and numerous TV shows and digital properties. I have produced content for Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Ronzoni and many many more.

Based on the projects ‘viral’ nature, and my past experience, I will craft organic, tailored integration and sponsorship opportunities for your brand across the project’s website, social and forthcoming video footprint.

Great opportunity for any brands in the travel space and/or any brands that want to identify with aspirational stories, human connection, passions and adventure.

Business Name: The Seth Cohen Project
Contact Name : Seth Cohen
About Us: Hello, my name is Seth Cohen. I am on a mission to meet every Seth Cohen in the world, live life to it’s fullest and inspire others to do the same. The journey isn’t so much about meeting my ‘namesakes’ as it is about connecting with people I would never otherwise connect with, visiting places I would never otherwise visit and having a whole host of experiences I would never otherwise have. There are hundreds of us... and we are in every state and on every continent. I have found Seth Cohen(s) everywhere from New Zealand to The Dominican Republic! They are horse-farmers and scientists, social-workers and students, professional body-builders and artists. Through this journey I hope to not only find my namesakes, I hope to find myself. And by documenting my quest, I hope to inspire others to likewise reject the mundane, and experience their lives to the fullest. Life is about the journey after all, it’s people, places and passions. I don’t know what I will find, but I’m excited to find out!