Digital Display in Downtown Portland Urban Center

Huge 92” Digital Media Out of Home Advertising Video Wall Display located in downtown Portland, OR.

Adjacent to transit, bus, trains, main thoroughfare through Downtown and Portland State University Campus.

Prime Downtown locations features 300,000 impressions of urban professional and University Student impressions each month

Transflection dynamic digital signage displays are capable of running video, image, and text, all in one advertisement. Includes free analytics reports include average traffic count, average dwell time, distance from screen.

Mobile redirect and banner campaigns also available.

Clients can purchase one share of the display time or buy out the entire display. 6 Advertiser spaces, $250 a month each, or buy out the whole screen for a month for $1,500. Ads rotate every 10 seconds, or other lengths upon request.

Contact Name: Transflection Digital Out of Home Advertising