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With our mobile billboard trucks you can reach out to your valuable prospects, in the right place at the right time.
Our billboard trucks can bring any message or advertisement to hard-to-hit locations and will deliver immediate, overwhelming and targeted results. Our static or led billboard trucks routes are determined for individual client. Whether we are targeting one or several major markets , we take direction from you… essentially making it YOUR mobile billboard. We go after your target markets that only works for your business such as grand openings, product launches, recruitment campaigns, and special promotions, branding.

Every Campaign at AZ Mobile Ads includes:
First class quality! billboard truck advertising
mobile billboard truck vs other media
Professional staff.
Optional handouts of brochures.
24 hour communication with manager.
Clean-cut courteous professional drivers.
Daily photos taken throughout the campaign.
Planning the most effective route for your ad campaign.
3-sided LED Truck for multiple ads.(only on for led billboard trucks)
You’ll receive photos of where your Mobile Billboard Ad each day And you
will also receive a Photo Journal at the end of your campaign showing
where your ad was as well as other important details such as GPS reports.

Contact Name: AZ Mobile Ads