Point of Purchase Advertising in Urban C-stores

National Retail Solutions, a division of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), operating one of the nation’s fastest growing point-of-sale networks for independent retailers, is proud to offer “bodegas” and other independent retailers the tools to compete against big retail chains.

We are leveraging our point-of-sale (POS) terminal network to provide consumer-facing* advertising in bodegas and other independent retail stores nationwide.

Today, over 3000 stores nationwide use NRS’s Point of Sale system. NRS leverages this aggregated buying power of these bodegas to negotiate coupon and advertising deals with CPG manufacturers and advertising agencies. Most of our stores are based in heavily urban and dense areas. 80% of the customers who visit our stores are Hispanic.

Each Point of Sale system comes with a customer display screen, with rotating ads. The customer facing screen lives at the point of purchase. Average sales lasting between 45-90 seconds and we see an average of 200 unique customers a day. When and ad on the customer facing screen is run in conjunction with our BR Club rewards program, we have seen sales lifts of up to 42%!

This ad space not only helps the store owner sell more, but it helps CPGs and other brands gain insight into a buying network they historically had little access to.

The advantage of a point of purchase ad is clear. We are excited to show how effectively our network can extend marketing reach in the Hispanic market. This ad space reaches the targeted audience with proven impressions. Not many other companies can guarantee that consumers are seeing their ads


* NRS retail terminals feature dual facing high-definition monitors. The customer-facing display shows a split screen during transactions, displaying the register tape on one side and on the other side, special offers and promotions from a variety of advertisers including consumer packaged goods (CPG) providers. Before and after a transaction, the display rotates between static and video ads at adjustable increments.

Contact Name : Hannah Kestenbaum
Business Name: National Retail Solutions
About Us: National Retail Solutions is a division of IDT (NYSE: IDT). Since it was founded in 1990, IDT continues to be a consumer-focused and a multi-national telecommunications company, focusing on developing new and innovative products and services to coincide with the ever-changing global calling arena. As a division of IDT, NRS brings the unparalleled value and service synonymous with the IDT name. NRS combines the reliability of IDT and the Boss Revolution customer base of over five million people to bring a comprehensive and integrated system to your stores. With over 3000 units distributed nationwide, we are quickly becoming the requisite cash register for all convenience stores.
Target Market: Newark, NJ
Size: 3000+ stores
Frequency: 720 times a day approx
Reach: Average of 200 unique transactions a day p/ store
Impressions: 1,200 p/ store p/ day
Target Audience: Hispanic, Urban, Immigrant, Cities