Best Bottle - Winemaking Competition Show

Best Bottle is a dynamic winemaking competition show pitting region versus region to make the Best Bottle of wine. Season One consists of twelve (12) half-hour episodes and features Team OR versus Team CA making pinot noir. During each episode, a charismatic show host and a pair of demanding team mentors from high positions in the wine industry guide the two teams through an escalating series of challenges and competitions.

Every week, the best performing team earns rewards that could assist them in their mission. After being put through the paces our Contestants face a panel of wine experts and celebrity wine lovers who choose the winning Team AND the MVP Winemaker.

Best Bottle has secured domestic broadcast distribution through an offer to air beginning Fall 2018
STREAMING - Hulu, Amazon Prime, AppleTV, CBS ALL-Access, Alaska Airlines In-Flight Library, DirecTV, and a variety of other platforms.

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Target Audience: Best Bottle is not your stuffy “Sip and Swirl” type of wine tv show. It is exciting and informative with engaging personalities that appeal to a younger, more active audience. Urban/Suburban. Age 21-49. Educated. Earn $45k+. Social. Regularly purchase online. Interest in wine, food, culture, fitness, and travel. Social- and Diversity-Conscious. Individualistic. Idealistic. Spend money to reflect values, attitudes, lifestyle and have fun. Want portable content. Seek entertainment & information from multiple media vehicles/virtual communities. Engage with interactive marketing that is fun, quirky and slightly outrageous.