Las Vegas Casino Digital Place Based

Vegas, the nation's favorite playground with a unique buzz, and visitors elevated to a new emotional level, receptive to advertising they will try things for the first time, often making unusual emotional purchases. There is no better time to engage consumers.

We operate the only media platform inside the casinos for external brands, bringing your message to the heart of the action. We can target by gender, location, date and time guaranteed. You can specifically target the right (and real) people for your brand, at the right time. Engage the guests enjoying the sunshine at the MGM pool, the diners at the LINQ food court or everyone, everywhere, it's your call.

Ads can be updated in real time anytime. They can't be blocked or ignored. This is up close and personal media.

Locations. MGM Grand, The LINQ, The Cromwell and the Stratosphere.

Impressions 1,000,000 (est.) and 100,000 engagements (guaranteed) $3,000

Many targeted solutions available, get in touch to discuss your target audience.