Mobile Billboard Digital Advertising Trucks

Illuminated Mobile delivers high impact digital mobile LED billboard advertising trucks with the ability to penetrate and saturate any market. We're based in Chicago., 312-924-7979

Contact Name : John Gibbs
Business Name: Illuminated Mobile
About Us: Illuminated Mobile owns and operates our digital billboard trucks and other advertising equipment and hires drivers, event managers and brand ambassadors that are highly skilled, professionally qualified. All employees are provided with continuous training and education.
Target Market: Chicago and the greater Midwest
Type: Digital Billboard Trucks
Size: Drivers and passengers sides are 14' x 8' and the back door is 8' x 8'
Frequency: By the day, weekly or monthly
Weekly Impressions: Mass reach or hyper local, all campaigns are targeted. Impressions varies depending on client goals.
Reach: Mass reach or hyper local, all campaigns are targeted.
Impressions: Specific demographic by market research or just general public
Target Audience: Chicago