Walking Video Billboards in San Diego

Walking Video Billboards...

Change the way you look at outdoor advertising and envision a new way to leverage your video marketing.

We offer Shared Weekend Packages in Las Vegas, San Diego and Phoenix.

Package Includes...

  • 5 Walking Video Screens
  • 3 Nights, Thursday-Saturday
  • 6 Hours Per Night
  • 15 Second Spot Rotation
  • Limited Space, 5 Category Exclusive Clients
  • Complimentary flyer distribution included
  • Free video formatting
Business Name: Volt Vido
Contact Name : Sarah Kahi Goitz
About Us: First and only company in the nation to offer Mobile Video Billboards with audio. Visible 100 feet away, our video boards are carried into densely populated areas surrounding music festivals, sporting events, conventions and entertainment districts.
Target Market: millennials, active, affluent professionals. Upwardly mobile