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James Miller | Lifeology Radio is a 30 minute triweekly inspirational, self-development radio show dedicated to teaching practical life lessons which enhance one’s spirit, mind, and body.

What sets Lifeology apart from other radio shows is that it is not simply a 30 minute interview with a guest. James is a licensed psychotherapist, with over twenty years of experience, he will teach his listeners valuable tools and techniques that they can easily apply to their lives.

Each episode also features an inspirational guest / expert who offers additional expertise to enhance the theme of the show.

Tune in to simplify and transform your spirit, mind, and body.

Lifeology has a current listenership of 3.1 million listeners per episode.


James Miller | Lifeology can currently be heard on the following platforms:

iHeart Radio



Google Play





Pocket Casts

Overcast FM



Radio Vybe



16 am/fm terrestrial radio stations: Tuesday 1:30 pm, Friday 9:30 am and Saturday at 12:30pm

Radio Station Call letters: WAMF – DB

Tampa, FL: AM -1630, FM – 92.1

Las Vegas, NV: AM – 1520, FM 99.5

Macon, GA: AM – 810, FM – 87.9

Lancaster, PA: AM – 1640, FM 102.1

Boulder, CO: FM – 96.3

Milwaukee, WI: FM – 90.3

Pittsburgh, PA: FM – 94.7

Long Beach, CA: FM – 101.5

New Port Richey, FL: FM – 88.3

The Villages, FL: FM – 97.7

Colorado Springs, CO: FM – 87.9

Jacksonville, FL; FM – 90.3

Digitally ((Under AMFM247 Channel)



Dish TV


Google TV

Other Network Stations Inclusion

Name: James Miller | Lifeology