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The Win | Heather Havenwood is a 60 min show - twice a week. Each show is segmented out in two 30 min spots. Heather focuses on interviewing TOP women and men success stories of entrepreneurship around the globe. No matter the age, background or level of success, if a person is doing what they love and making money - Heather wants them to share their story on how they WON in Business.

What sets The Win apart is that Heather is a marketer and sales person, and her promotion of the show, the products go beyond just the #STREAMING 68K. She is seeking advertisers that also what to work into #AFFILIATE and #PERCENTAGE of sales work.

#SOLO EMAIL - pushes are available as well.

Each episode also features an inspirational guest / expert who offers additional expertise to enhance the theme of the show.


Heather’s Linkedin - 15K Followers

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Heather’s YouTube - 300 Followers


The Win | Heather Havenwood can currently be heard on the following platforms:

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16 am/fm terrestrial radio stations: Monday’s at 7 pm EST

Radio Station Call letters: WAMF – DB

Tampa, FL: AM -1630, FM – 92.1

Las Vegas, NV: AM – 1520, FM 99.5

Macon, GA: AM – 810, FM – 87.9

Lancaster, PA: AM – 1640, FM 102.1

Boulder, CO: FM – 96.3

Milwaukee, WI: FM – 90.3

Pittsburgh, PA: FM – 94.7

Long Beach, CA: FM – 101.5

New Port Richey, FL: FM – 88.3

The Villages, FL: FM – 97.7

Colorado Springs, CO: FM – 87.9

Jacksonville, FL; FM – 90.3

Digitally ((Under AMFM247 Channel)



Dish TV


Google TV

Other Network Stations Inclusion

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Offer details: Offer is good until May 30 2018 - or until inventory is full
Contact Name : Heather Havenwood
Business Name: Havenwood Worldwide
Target Market: Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses
Frequency: 4 times a month on radio, 8 times a month on all other platforms - including Spotify, iTunes, iHeart, Google Play, and STREAMING
Reach: Approximently 68K / per episode
Impressions: Site: 25K / month, Streaming 68K / per episode
Target Audience: Career, Sales Professionals, Practitioners, Entrepreneurs, Sales Motivation, Inspirational
Testimonials: Heather Ann truly knows how to use her mind, femininity and to win people over and make things happen, she teaches every woman how to confidently be a great in business! - Marni Kynris