Womenz Straight Talk Magazine

“Womenz Straight Talk" Magazine is a digital and print, editorial publication.

This magazine provides advertisers an opportunity to reach a niche audience and women target market on a variety of consumer information, products and services ranging from health, business and lifestyle content.

Featuring candid conversations, exclusive guest interviews and real stories that empower and inspire women from all walks of life and social statist.

“Womenz Straight Talk" Magazine is a global publication attracting readers on a broad range of important topics relevant in today’s society.

Whether it’s chronic, cosmetic or just plain confusing “Womenz Straight Talk" Magazine brings you the real stories and news that matter.

Categories include Insight on new innovations, research and technology, including information on todays financial and economic climate impacting various industries.

“Womenz Straight Talk” features real talk by a network of women who voice their opinions and views on a broad range of topics that raises our social conscious and awareness, while keeping it real on a verity of matters.

Including a unique blend of fashion, beauty and lifestyle categories featuring vivid glam photos with essential tips for the lifestyle enthusiast.

Explore the worlds exclusive travel destination hot spots for a life of leisure and relaxation as you journey through "Womenz Straight Talk" Magazine.