Colorado School Bus Advertising

Reach school district families with messages on the sides of bright yellow school buses that have tremendous visibility daily in neighborhoods, at schools and throughout Colorado as the buses travel on field/sport/activity trips while at the same time supporting Schools, the Community and Education!

Contact Name : Leigh Howe
Business Name: Brilliant Outdoor Media
About Us: Brilliant Outdoor Media has raised over $1million dollars with the school bus advertising program!
Target Market: Parents who walk their kids to the buses in the morning and back at the bus stops waiting to walk them home. Students who walk past the ads as they enter or exit the school buses. The community that sees the ads as the school buses travel throughout the metro area.
Type: Vinyl overlay
Size: varies by school bus
Testimonials: Children’s Museum of Denver ~ Thank you so much for help with our third school bus ad campaign! We just love advertising with Brilliant Outdoor Media – our ads look so bright and beautiful on the sides of the buses, we can easily reach our target audience of teachers and parents, you are always so willing to help us make sure we’re getting city-wide coverage. Not to mention, our staff and board love that we’re involved in an advertising plan that gives money back to the schools and we love spotting our ad in our parking lot on a field trip. It validates our education impact! Zoe Ocampo Arapahoe Park Pediatrics - I want to thank Brilliant Outdoor Media for your help and interest in getting us the most appropriate buses and routes for our business needs. The artwork on our signs turned out great. We love school bus ad marketing and think that it directly gets to our consumers – kids and their parents in our area of business. It is fun to hear our patients say “I saw you on my school bus!” Thank you, Nancy McKenzie, MD