Reach 21,000 Medical Patients Per Month in West Phoenix

How would you like the opportunity to present your business in a 30 second HD commercial to thousands of medical patients here in the Phoenix metroplex at a cost of just pennies per person?

The Signage Pros provides medical businesses a free private tv entertainment network which allows the practice to promote their own products and services to patients as they wait while interlacing up to the minute news, weather, sports updates and outside advertisements.

We currently reach 21,000 unique West Phoenix (Sun City, Glendale, Peoria) patients a month waiting for medical imaging services (MRI, CT Scans, X-Ray, etc) and we offer 30 second video ad spots for just pennies per impression. By advertising on our unique entertainment network, you can get a highly targeted thirty second TV spot for roughly the same cost as a Val-Pak advertisement.

Average Number of Viewers per Month: 21,000 Unique (Unique viewers each month as few repeat visits/tests)

Ad Display Rate: Every 15 minutes.

Average Dwell Time:

Patients: 20-45 Minutes

Caregivers: 40-75 Minutes

Breakdown of Viewers: 80% Patients, 20% Caregivers

Average Age: 48

Gender: Female: 56% Male: 44%

Consumer Mindshare: 10% (We only accept 10-30 second video ads per screen)

Business Name: The Signage Pros
Contact Name : J.D. Bryant