Digital Billboard in Great Bend, Kansas


16 x 20

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It’s not how much you spend on marketing.

Its WITH WHOM, WHERE and HOW you spend it!

At Arrowhead Outdoor, we have a peculiar outlook. and a new inspiring approach to digital billboard marketing.

We put YOUR message in large bright- can’t miss- digital format, as do many others, HOWEVER, our digital marketing tools are all strategically placed at 4 WAY STOP intersections.

Intersections where potential customers STOP SIT & STARE.

Each message our boards actually give the driver an interesting eye catching message, they can’t HELP but stare at. Its how our brains automatically function. We are drawn when at a stand still to whats bright visually stimulating and NEW.

One Uniquely Creative Designed Message per month is INCLUDED in each marketing package.

Our easily affordable digital marketing packages start at as little as $150/month- giving YOUR BUSINESS a miniumum of 180 Ads PER DAY!